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Qualitative360 North America - 25-26 March 2015 in Atlanta


Become part of the Qualitative Research evolution - Merlien Institute's Qualitative360 conference is back in North America in 2015 and will continue to push the boundaries of qualitative research.
In 2015 we will focus on innovations in methodology, engagement & incentives, business integration and new technologies. An initial selection of topics can be found below. We welcome contributions that are based on actual case studies and recommend co-presenting with the respective client.
The conference will feature different session formats, from individual case studies (30 minutes) to group discussions (30-45 minutes) and workshops (90 minutes).
Key criteria for selection will be:
  • Original and new content, based on real business cases
  • Use of new methodologies and/or technologies
  • Forward looking presentations based on business experience
  • Unique perspectives and thought-provoking approaches
  • Experimental brainstorming sessions fostering group interaction
The following areas of interest have been identified by our Qual360 community. They are an indication only and you can also submit original proposals outside these areas.  
• New & innovative methodologies
• Behavioural research
• Face to face in times of increased technology use
• Qual & Quant integration
• Ensuring quality and depth of data
• Tapping into System 1 and System 2 thinking
• Gamification
Engagement and Incentives
• Engagement in an always-on world
• Participant recruitment strategies
• Creating realistic environments
• Privacy and data protection
• Accessing hard to reach populations
Data Management
• Managing data from large quant projects
• Analysing social media data
• Passive data analysis
• Ensuring consistent data quality
• Innovative data collection methods
New Technologies
• Leveraging digital tools
• Real time feedback and analysis
• Improving online methodologies
• Location based research
Business Integration
• Providing true business value
• Integrating qual research into business decision making
• Educating clients on the value of qual research
Skills & Training
• Recruiting and training
• Adapting to a changing technology and environment
To submit a synopsis, please complete the form at
Please submit your synopsis latest by 21 November 2014.
As this is a single-stream conference, speaker slots are limited. We encourage you to submit your abstracts as soon as possible.

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