Conference Agenda

Qualitative 360 Asia Pacific 2013: Conference Agenda

Preliminary Agenda* - subject to changes.

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Qualitative 360 Asia Pacific 2013
Pre Conference Workshop | November 19
Registration and Welcome Coffee
Opening remarks by Merlien Institute
Colin Wong, Conference Producer, Merlien Institute
Hands-on Workshop conducted by HJ Heinz & Insites Consulting
From co-creation to structural collaboration: how online customer communities reshape business
• Introduction into the world of co-creation & structural collaboration
• How to conduct market research online communities
• Communicating research results within the company.
• Impact of structural collaboration on the organisation’s performance
Tom De Ruyck, Head of Research Communities, Insites Consulting
Joella Marsman, Consumer Insights Manager, HJ Heinz
Exercise 1 & 2
Networking Break
How to get started and design your community
Exercise 3
Leverage your community
Q & A
Closing Remarks by Merlien Institute and Sandwich Lunch
Qualitative 360 Asia Pacific 2013
Day ONE | November 20
Registration and Welcome Coffee
Opening Remarks by Merlien Institute & Conference Chair
Colin Wong, Conference Producer, Merlien Institute
Ilka Kuhagen, President, IKM
Winning with shoppers via qualitative research
• Leveraging qualitative techniques to complement quantitative methods in consumer behavior
• Exploring FMCG consumer decision making through qualitative research engagement
• Harnessing different methodologies of qualitative research to gain better understanding of market trends
• Implementing qualitative methodologies as part of overall research to develop retail strategies
Michael Biscocho, Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager, Procter & Gamble
Taking qualitative research to the cloud
• Learning the art of how to transform qualitative research from a 12 year old kid.
• How could you build and run on-demand insight communities with zero investment?
• Case study from Ericsson on the first ever ‘Over the Top Qualitative Research’
Jasmeet Sethi, Regional Head of ConsumerLab, Ericsson
Networking Break
Tapping into the informal economy to create new opportunities for innovation. A case study in recycling and push cart aunties
• Informal economy is a large contributor to the global economy and presents several opportunities/learning for the commercial world
• This paper presents a case study to understand the role of informal economy and how it can be applied in commercial businesses
• The paper further provides pointers on how the corporate/formal world can implement this
Juliana Koh, Director, Consumer Faces
Manisha Dikshit, Managing Director, Consumer Faces
Achieving maximum insights from challenging consumers using ethnography for product development in China and Vietnam
• Understanding the culinary habits of low income consumers in Vietnam through ethnography
• Observing the fun and excitement of kids related to foods in China
• Benefits and challenges of using ethnography: what were the lessons learned?
• How actionable insight were achieved and used for new product development in Symrise
Christelle Michon, APAC Sensory and Consumer Insights Manager, Symrise
Exploring the meaning of digital: a case of ethnographic research on mobile life in Singapore
• How Google does research globally and locally
• Making sense of the meaning of digital life in Asia
• Methodological challenges in the age of big data
Masao Kakihara, Senior Research Manager, Google
Networking Lunch
Co-creation Workshop Part I
Improving innovation with clever co-creations
• Online co-creation in combination with live co-creation is a very valuable contribution to the development of product and service innovations
• In a collaborative process with research, client and consumers innovation concepts can be developed with a much higher enforcement potential in the real market
• These co-created concepts have been co-developed and transformed into real beneficial innovation ideas from the very early beginning by real people - representing the future buyers
Detlef Happel, Director Innovation Consulting, Dialego
Katrin Bock, Project Manager, Dialego
How to find breakthrough insights for Asia’s unbelievably demanding and aspiring consumers.
• Exploring the behaviour of Asian consumers through qualitative approaches
• Analysing the mentality of demanding and aspiring consumers to gain marketing insights
• Implementing actionable insights for product innovations
Aseem Puri, Marketing Director of Fabric Care Asia, Unilever
The future of print: insights for continuous product innovation
• Analysing different user impacts of printing behaviour and designing unique innovations that redefine the relevance of printing
• How tablets are changing the fundamental of computer usage
• Overcoming the challenges of digitalisation and creating the opportunity of printing
• Implementing web connected printer designs through qualitative research insights of tablet users
Sriramgopalan Desikan, Marketing Director, HP
Networking Break
Customer Centricity: putting the customer in the heart of an organisation
• The creation and establishment of behavioural lab
• Interpreting in-depth qualitative research with a framework based on psychological needs
• Implementing research findings to develop business and marketing strategies
Laurenz Koehler, Managing Partner, Duxton Consulting Group
Face Value: capturing fleeting emotions through facial coding to add depth to qualitative research
• Identifying and understanding of facial coding
• Analysing the impact of emotions through facial coding
• Implementing actionable strategies using insights gathered through qualitative research
Pankaj Jha, Director - Global Innocation, Millward Brown
Qualitative research on a ‘Mobile Diet’
• Mobile finally comes out of its shell in China for real, as mobile internet access overtakes internet PC access
• What we can do when it comes to mobile qualitative research
• What lies ahead for qualitative research in a mobile era
Navin Williams, CEO, MobileMeasure Consultancy
Mark Sismey, Research Director, MMR Research
Closing Remarks by Chair and Close of Day 1
Qualitative 360 Asia Pacific 2013
Day TWO | November 21
Welcome Coffee
Opening Remarks by Merlien Institute & Conference Chair
Colin Wong, Conference Producer, Merlien Institute
Navin Williams, CEO, MobileMeasure Consultancy
Developing a conducive retail environment to influence shoppers behavior
• Assessing the perception of the Philips brand in high growth retail markets
• Gaining deeper insight into people’s needs and aspiration through qualitative approaches
• Translating qualitative insight into actionable strategies for marketing and innovation
Farrukh Shah, Senior Director, Head of Consumer Sales (Retail & Online) - Growth markets, Philips
How the consumer consulting board helps Heinz in doing more with less
• To create ‘consumer immersion’ experiences with real consumers, their personal stories, showing their emotions in an impactful way
• Use mroc to engage and collaborate with company researchers directly
• To allow company researcher to be entertained with richer data via direct community engagement
Tom De Ruyck, Head of Research Communities, Insites Consulting
Joella Marsman, Consumer Insights Manager, HJ Heinz
Bottom of the pyramid qualitative research
• Creating different ways of building trust to engage open communication
• Conducting visual stimulus and designing thinking workshops to encourage creative feedback
• Incorporating new technologies to speed up data collection and analysis
• From data to insights: Understanding the key factors that influence purchase
Cindy Graulty, R&D Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble
Networking Break
Great Wall, Great Reward: finding design-actionable insights for medical devices in China
• Learn how qualitative research is used to drive applied medical device innovations
• Hear a thought-leader introduce examples of how medical devices can be optimized for Chinese customers
• Understand the designer’s viewpoint when filtering observational data
• Hear about some of the unique challenges doing qual. in China
• Tips and tricks for getting better insights
Tico Blumenthal, Global Customer Insights Manager, Medtronic
Performance discovery project: emerging market update
• Understanding what "performance" means to customers and how they respond to advertising and branding
• Using visualisation techniques to gain unarticulated emotional drivers and emotions behind "performance"
• Employing trained professionals to conduct "therapy" interviews across US, Brazil, China, Germany and India
• Discussing the outcome of the research: What have we learned and how new insights help answer business questions
Ajay Mohan, Director of Partner & Web Marketing APAC, Intel
Networking Lunch
World Café Group Exercise:  co-creating innovation in qualitative research
In this session, we will tackle the challenges of innovation in qualitative research.
• How can the qualitative community innovate through the use of new technologies, and methods?
• How do we convince clients to adopt new approaches?
• The world café method allows you to meet quickly with other attendees, share ideas and thoughts and gather summarized results. Fast paced and fun!
Ilka Kuhagen, President, IKM
Digital Qualitative: from add-on to core research
• Can online qual methods replace offline qual?
• What advantages do they offer?
• What are the pitfalls we should be aware of
• What are the best ways to engage and motivate the participants in an online qual research?
• Within online what potential does mobile qual research have?
• Going beyond the obvious online tools such as bulletin board, focus group?
Nehal Medh, Managing Director, Consumer Experiences, GFK
Consumer understanding through unarticulated responses and points of expression 
• Understand how Neuroscience insights are working to make a discussion flow sharper and more precise
• Identifying ways Neuroscience and Qualitative works best together
• Overcoming the challenges of combining the two methodologies in a research study
Marilyne Chew, Head of Qualitative, Nielsen
Networking Break
Cultural insight and strategy: a sociological agenda
• What is culture and why does it matter?
• What is cultural analysis and how is it different?
• How do we go about cultural analysis?
• What is cultural strategy and how is it different?
Michael B. Griffiths, Global Expert, Cultural Insight & Strategy, TNS
Mothering Excellence: an exploratory study among Asian mothers
• What are the mothering styles in Asia and how does this affect brand and category choices?
• How culture plays a role in the mother-child relationship?
• How women’s role in each culture, defines her role as a mother?
Jaisy Desai, Qualitative Insights Director, Ipsos
Co-creation Workshop Part II
Result presentation and discussion
Detlef Happel, Director Innovation Consulting, Dialego
Katrin Bock, Project Manager, Dialego
Closing Remarks by Chair and Close of Conference by Merlien Institute


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